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Joe Biden Signature Yard Sign, Anti Trump Yard Sign, Lawn Sign, Garden Yard Sign, White Border, Polypropylene
Leanne Steinbrunn
Biden aviator glasses sign

Great image, great quality!!!

Love it. Very Powerful

Black Lives Does Matter... All Lives Matter!
Starting with the Oppressed! Love you guys!!! It looks Great in my House!

Ridin With Biden With Joe Biden Shape Yard Sign, Political Campaign 2020
Richard Reed
Politics for Corvette Owners

Us Corvette enthusiasts know Regular Joe is a fellow Vette owner, having bought his 1967 Stingray new and keeping it in top shape ever since. Add in Joe's trademark RayBan sunglasses, and we now have the coolest presidential candidate since JFK. The sign is high quality, weather-proof, and well-executed. No complaints. Even my next door Trump-supporting neighbor has to admit it's a cool sign. Yeah, I'm from the 50's and 60's so I say "cool" a lot. Sue me.

Hello Customer service: my CONGRATULATIONS for your EXCELLENT work and design of my 2 Shirts, that I ordered with
a UNIQUE design and colorful, I am very happy having ordered these shirts. my regards..


Native shoes

Thank you, being used a native powwows.

Very pleased

The color held true and the design was exact. Great fit as well

Bravo Zulu to the Designer/Artist!!!

Bravo Zulu to the Designer/Artist!!!Breathtakingly beautiful & detailed light wooden bald eagle & USA flag ornaments. DIY line (silver,blue Red...). I used a metallic Sharpie. Received in 17 days in two small boxes taped together from Grand Prairie, Texas. Charge on credit card says, “MAYCHU.SITE BUCKINGHAMSHI GBR”. Placed them on our facility conference room tree. Should of ordered more. Pieces to cherish forever with honor & pride. So love my ornaments!

Great novelty item

I purchased this personalized Masonic flag for my Dad for Father's Day. I was pleased with the turn-around time and the quality of the details. He was very pleased with it - especially since it was personalized for him. I originally thought he could hang it on his outdoor flagpole, but this flag is definitely more suitable for indoor display. It is only printed on one side and I don't think the material the flag is made from would withstand a lot of windy weather. Personally, I think it is best displayed flat on a wall, or like my Dad hung his - on his overhead garage door so it is always visible even when the door is open or closed! It's a great novelty flag and it made my Dad happy! Two thumbs up from me!

Garage Sign

Bought this as a gift for my bother for his new home with a great garage. He loves it as his garage is his pride and joy!

Custom Name Freemason Black Gold Polo Shirt

I am for the armed force.

I feel it is an Honor to wear and show your service.


. I got my order a week ago. I like the design. I don’t like the fact that it does not have arch support. They don’t feel heavy like most sneakers I have. I have a large collection of sneakers and I say these are the most unique and beautiful ones. I have not worn them yet to know what they feel like. All I wanted to do was support the Native American by buying a product.

Cool Lodge shirts

The shirts I bought were all different sizes and fit each of the 3 guys to a T. The looks were well received. All felt great very comfortable even on hot day. Only change would be to add Lodge name as well as having the Lodge number.

Great shirts

The shirts were nicer than expected. Got plenty of compliments

Love the sign!

Very pleased with the sign ~ blends well in our pool area landscape!!!

Shriner Shirt

It is a nice shirt.

FFA Baseball Jacket Custom Name, States And City
joseph gonzalez

When I received my order..I was struck by the beautiful work done on jacket..not to mention a few tear brought to my eyes..I was and 9 year old kid when I went to live in PR..and joined FFA .I Took agriculture and horticulture for seven and attended many competition won a few at that...and again absolutely beautiful FFA jacket..sorry for the book..many thanks joe G

Lesha Price Crocker

I love it but it is too big for my windshield! 😩


The hat was wrinkled and creased

US Navy Veteran Armed Forces USN Navy Eagle And United States Navy Logo Veteran Days Classic Cap

Very nice cap

It’s a beautiful cap.thank you.good job

Vietnam Seat Covers

I love them in my vehicle and they portrays my Nam time. Thanks